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Planned Changes to ModCore Notification

Published: October 13th, 2010

Category: Core Services, Evaluation, Front Page, ModCore (Legacy)


The current notification plan for ModCore (and in the future, StudyCore) are now documented…

The above will replace and extend the current system described below.

ModCore currently has two automated notification/reminder processes: one for announcements and one for evaluations. The relevant bit of user interface for announcements is shown below.

Display Dates is the period your announcement will be “active” in ModCore. The default is two weeks starting today. Note that you can “post date” an announcement to appear in the future. Entering a date in the past has no meaning.

Notification defaults to routine (Website only). “Notify on Display Date” sends an email on the date your announcement becomes active. At one time this button was labeled “Urgent” and all email was sent immediately. This was changed so you could have email notification with future (post dated) announcements.